Specialists in Petrographic Examination, Chemical Analysis, and Evaluation of Construction Materials
•  Concrete, Stucco, Aggregate, and Mortar Evaluations
•  Construction Materials Testing
•   Expert Witness Services

Micro-Chem Laboratories (MC Labs) is a multi-discipline consulting firm that specializes in petrographic examination, chemical analysis, and evaluation of construction materials. Founded in 1982, MC Labs is one of the most experienced and respected laboratories in the United States.

MC Labs has in-depth experience in troubleshooting, failure analysis, research and development, materials testing of a wide range of products and materials, and expert witness services. Our state-of-the-art facility provides our clients with the resources and personnel to achieve meaningful answers to their specific needs. We frequently work with civil and structural engineers, architects, repair experts, and manufacturing personnel to assess the quality, durability, material compliance, and future performance of concrete, stucco, brick, mortar, grout, concrete aggregates, riprap, terrazzo, and masonry units. MC Labs involvement on projects includes the selection of the materials at the first phase of the project up to the failure analysis of the in-service products. MC Labs is actively involved with the development of documents and standards with international organizations including ASTM International and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

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